The Reckoning

The New Republic

The War on Terror only created more terror in America.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Trek Magazine

Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving. How do we ensure it works for us and not against us?

The Terror to Come

The New Republic

How many innocent people must die before revenge is served?

The Long and Winding Code

Trek Magazine

How CRISPR gene-editing technology is changing the future of health sciences.

Getting Under the Skin with Epigenetics

Trek Magazine

Unravelling the mysteries of gene expression in early brain development.

The Pillage Option

Columbia Magazine

A new strategy for holding corporations accountable for war crimes.

The Gathering Place

Trek Magazine

Communities are shaping their public spaces into social places.

Reacting to Osama bin Laden’s Death

The Tyee

A former counter-terrorism marine reflects on America’s troubling catharsis.

Lens on Life

Trek Magazine

Genocide scholar Adam Jones balances his research with photography that captures the human dignity present in everyday life.

Ode to an Ageless Adventurer

The Tyee

About to retire, Jon Turk checked one more item off his to-do list: 2,400 km of icy hell.

Dirty Money

The Walrus

Seven Cases of Global Corruption. (Series Editor)

Altered Perceptions

Trek Magazine

The therapeutic benefits of certain psychedelic drugs in treating PTSD, addiction, and other mental illnesses.

Whose Data Is It, Anyway?

Trek Magazine

Data artist Jer Thorp speaks out against the monopoly and misuse of our data.

Come Hell or High Mountain

Trek Magazine

Dentistry grad Chris Dare completed a challenge that few others would even attempt. This is his survival story.

News You Can Abuse

University of Chicago Magazine

Is the US News annual college-rankings issue a self-help feature or an academic beauty pageant?