The Canada Party


Since 2012, my friend and I have been trying to get America to elect Canada president of the United States. Our videos have racked up more than 100 million views, and we’ve published a bestselling book and appeared on dozens of media outlets, including CNN, CBC, BBC, C-SPAN, Andrew Sullivan’s blog, Dan Savage’s blog, the New York Times Magazine, and German State Television for some reason.

Check out some of our work below, and follow us @theCanadaParty. Unless you hate freedom. You don’t hate freedom, do you?

The Book

“The Most Underrated Political Strategists of 2012”
– Kathleen Monk, CBC’s the National

“Their bite is on par with that of the Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher”
– Publishers Weekly



The Videos

“One of the Top 5 Political Ads of 2012” – George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight